Christian Debt Counseling – an Effective Way to Reduce Debts

Christian debt counseling agencies offer the same services as all of the other credit counseling services, but their services are based on the Christian values of honesty, commitment, prayer and faith. They approach credit counseling with a Christian perspective. There will be no manipulation in debt management plan that may go against anybody’s interests.


Christian debt counseling services will review your debt situation. Then they will help you get rid of your debts in an ethical and morally correct way. Some Christian debt counseling services also include free Bible discourses. The teachings are utilized to make debt and money management plans going by the scriptural principles mentioned in the holy book. Christian debt counseling services will include debt education, credit management, debt negotiations with the creditors and debt consolidation.

Debt education: After you sign a deal with the Christian debt counseling agency, the debt counselor will assess your credit condition and tell you about the laws, consumer rights and the best ways to proceed for debt relief. They will tell you the pros and cons of different means to manage your debts.

Debt consolidation: Christian debt counseling may suggest debt consolidation. If you are paying to multiple lenders every month, the debt counselor will recommend you to take a fresh loan to clear all the current debts. The debt counselor may help you get a lower interest rate in the fresh debt compared to the previous ones. But the debt consolidation will be made with the knowledge of all creditors, both the present and the new, and nothing will be done in a dishonest way.

Debt management: The Christian debt counseling agency can also introduce to you a debt management program, which can ease your present debt problems. Before getting you into a debt management program, they will assess your debt situation and help you prepare a budget plan that is feasible and does not lead you to file for bankruptcy.

Pre and post-bankruptcy filing: You may also need debt counseling if you are filing for bankruptcy. Christian debt counseling services can help you know what to do and what not to do in that situation. They will provide you a feasible plan so that even post-bankruptcy you may not face further troubles in managing your debts.

How you proceed to find a Christian debt counseling service

There are so many Christian debt counseling agencies active across the United States, but all are not same. So before you select one, you can do some research on the Internet or consult your friends, colleagues or neighbors about Christian debt counseling agencies.

Second, ask the Christian debt counseling agency, in which way it can help you to ease your debt woes. And inform the debt counseling agency in details about your debt situation and what you want at the moment.

Third, know about the fees for the Christian debt counseling services. You must ask about the charges they take for the debt counseling services, otherwise the charges may be another problem for you. Of course non-profit Christian debt counseling services are also there who may not take fees for the services they offer.

Fourth, confirm the authenticity of the debt counseling agency, whether it is approved or not. You can check it from a concerned authority. All approved debt counseling agencies appear on the US Trustee Program’s lists at The list is also available at the bankruptcy clerk’s office. There are also some debt counseling associations, for example the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies, American Association of Debt Management Organizations and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling where you can find the list of their members who are approved by the government.

Christian debt counseling agencies can offer services for all types of debts – credit card debts, student loans, home mortgage loans, personal loans and auto loans.

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